About Us

Canadian gemological laboratory specializing in the identification, evaluation and appraisals of diamonds, coloured stones, pearls, fine jewellery & watches.
IGL International Gemological Laboratories
The Most Trusted Gemological Laboratory in Calgary

Our Mission

We pledge our dedication in providing the very best in gemological expertise and professional appraisal services . For over 40 years, the gemologists at IGL have created a strong following of repeat clients who are pleased with our unique service and important helpful advice.

IGL is owned and operated by Jack and Ron Hanania Graduate Gemologists from the GIA. We have over 70 years of combined experience in gemology and appraising gemstones and jewellery. We are always learning and developing new skills in the ever-changing world of gems and gemology.

We welcome you by joining our growing list of satisfied customers… and experience for yourself IGL’s ethics, integrity, expertise and professionalism.

Founded in 1981

Why choose IGL to appraise your jewellery?

The Graduate Gemologists at International Gemological Laboratories have been appraising, identifying and valuating gemstones and jewellery since 1981.

We promise a consistent, unbiased, and professional opinion every time you appraise your jewellery with us. We believe in maintaining our great reputation by guaranteeing the highest standard of quality service.

Microscope for identifying and appraising jewellery/diamonds
GIA Certified

Our Team

Our Gemologists – professionals who have had extensive gemological training and have passed intensive written and practical examinations to obtain their degree. The gemologist/appraisers have years of experience and knowledge in evaluating gems and jewellery based on accurate information from the marketplace ie.: price lists, trade publications and websites, etc.

Jack Hanania, G.G. (GIA) appraising jewellery with a microscope

Jack Hanania, G.G. (GIA)

President & Co-Founder

GIA Graduate Gemologist/Appraiser

Ron G. Hanania, G.G. (GIA) appraising jewellery with a microscope

Ron G. Hanania, G.G. (GIA)

Vice-President & Co-Founder

GIA Graduate Gemologist/Appraiser